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Start creating your dream marketplace with the ultimate multivendor marketplace solution.

Functionalities for Vendors

Let your vendors experience the best opportunity to grow
their business while you expand yours

Shipping Management

Vendors can manage their shipping rates with dynamic settings, and use popular
shipping solutions for delivery.

Social Login & Registration

Let users register or login to your site using
their social profiles like Facebook, Twitter,
Google and LinkedIn.

Earning Reports & Statements

Vendors are able to get real time overview
of their finances with break downs of their
earning reports right on their dashboard.

Frontend Variable Products

Admin and vendors can create variations on a product simply from the frontend.

Independent Store

Vendors get individualized customizable stores
of their own to tailor to their needs.

Product Bulk Edit

Multiple products can be edited at the same
time with this feature, be it product status,
allocating discounts and more.

Withdraw System for Vendors

Vendors can easily make withdrawals upon
reaching an Admin set minimum amount.

Order Management

Vendors are able to easily manage orders and get notified on new orders, list by filters, status, add notes for tracking and more.

Always on the Rise

In recent years, eCommerce has grown rapidly. According to stats, eCommerce business is the safest & smartest way to earn. Why not be a part of it?

Based on WooCommerce, Powered by WordPress

WordPress makes sure that Dokan is extremely intuitive to use even for the first time users.

Hundreds of Payment Gateways

No matter what type of payment network your customers prefer, you can be sure that your online marketplace will support it. We even support Moip.

Multilingual Ready

With the spread of eCommerce worldwide, the need for multilingualism has increased. Dokan helps with this by making your site multilingual ready.


Is it multisite supported?

Dokan is not compatible with WordPress multisite system but can be used on a single subdomain of your multi-site installation. Keep in mind, the Dokan plugin can be used only on 1 database. That means you can activate the plugin only on one subsite. Multiple sub sites are not supported.

Can the Admin control how much resource a specific Vendor consumes?

The Admin is unable to control that, which means vendors can utilize unlimited memory.

Which payment gateways are supported by Dokan?

Dokan offers two methods of payment - adaptive and non-adaptive. The Dokan Stripe Connect and Dokan Wirecard Connect are adaptive payment gateways. These payment gateways are built-in modules for Dokan Pro, and are available in Dokan Professional package and onward.

Adaptive payment gateways split the order amount and send the respective shares to admin and vendor as soon as the order is placed by the customer. Right now Dokan Stripe Connect and Dokan PayPal Marketplace can be used as an adaptive payment gateway.

Non-adaptive payment gateways are gateways that use a manual disbursement system. When the payment for an order is placed, the payment is sent to the admin's account and the vendor's earnings are added under the withdrawable balance of the vendor. As such, vendors have to send a withdrawal request manually to the admin. The vendor will receive their share of the order amount once the withdrawal request is approved.

What kind of commissions can be set in Dokan?

You can set different types of commissions - Flat, Percentage or a combination of both based on Product, Category, Vendor, Global.

Can anyone "Register as a vendor" in the Marketplace?

The admin needs to enable the "anyone can register" option from WP Dashboard > Settings > General. Afterwards, non-registered users will find the "Register as a vendor" button on the registration page and sign up.

Is it possible to create staff under any vendor to manage the store?

With the Dokan Vendor Staff Manager module, it is possible to allow vendors to add multiple staff members to their store, where each staff member gets separate user IDs. It is a helpful feature if the store has a vast number of products and orders, giving the vendor the ability to take on a staff to help monitor the store activities.

Dokan Lifetime Deal - WP Lifetime deals

Dokan is a WooCommerce plugin for WordPress with a Lifetime license. This is a great opportunity for developers and web studios who want to save money and get a better offer.

Price: 596

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: WordPress

Application Category: Plugin

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Dokan On Sale

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Currently, Dokan does not have a lifetime deal.

Don't miss the moment when Dokan has a lifetime deal again is reader supported. We may earn a commission if you purchase something using one of our links.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between plugins with a lifetime or unlimited license?

Plugins with a lifetime license are purchased once and can then receive updates and support for free for as long as the plugin exists. Unlimited-license plugins have no limit on the number of sites installed, but may have limitations on support and updates. Often unlimited-license plugins charge by the month or annually. Sometimes these two types of licenses can be combined. For example, a plugin can be used on an unlimited number of sites and get lifetime updates and support by paying once.

Who is suitable for plugins with a lifetime or unlimited license?

Plugins for WordPress with lifetime license is a great way to save money if you own the site and want to invest the money once to keep working and not think about the fact that you have to pay periodically for plugin updates, because there can be more than 10 such plugins on the site. The benefit is obvious, that paying once is much better than paying for 10 plugins every month or year. It's also a great choice for developers who want to supply their customers with the latest versions of plugins and not have to spend money to buy a plugin for a customer every time. 
Unlimited license plugins are a good deal for agencies and developers who create a lot of projects and it's important for them not to have restrictions on creating sites, as well as getting support from plugin creators.

Can a plugin with a lifetime license have an unlimited number of installations?

Yes, it can. But not always, it depends on the business model of the plugin developer. Most developers offer lifetime licenses for 1, 3, 5 or unlimited installations. So if you own the site you will be enough license for one installation. If you have more of your own projects, then you are fine variant for 3 or 5 sites. If you're a developer or studio, the unlimited license is a great choice.

If I am a freelancer, what type of license should I choose?

If you are a freelancer who has decided on the direction of their projects, it is better to choose plugins with a license from 50 sites. You can save money if you do not buy a lifetime license, and pay for the license annually. But if you think you're missing the opportunity to buy a unique plugin with a lifetime license, it's better to spend the extra money for this tool, because this type of license usually exists not for a long time.

What type of license should I choose for my studio, agency, or small company?

The best choice is a lifetime license with unlimited installations. If the unlimited option is not available, there are usually options for 100, 50 sites with a lifetime upgrade. This, too, is a great deal that will save you a lot of headaches and money. But if lifetime offers are not available, then your choice is the unlimited license with an annual fee.

Can I get a refund if I bought a plugin with a lifetime or unlimited license?

Yes, you can get your money back. But this type of license requires a limited period of time before you can get your money back. Normally you will have 30 or 60 days to get your money back if the plugin is not suitable for you. But we advise you to check out the free version of the plugins beforehand, if this option is available. Or try a trial version of the premium plugin before you buy it.